Delegate to Our Baking Address: tz1VmiY38m3y95HqQLjMwqnMS7sdMfGomzKi

Lucid Mining
Tezos Bakery

  • 10% Fee
  • Anonymous
  • Payout every cycle(3 days)

Space Available: 1,800,000 ꜩ

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(May 17, 2019) Delegation Status: OPEN

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Our Baking Address:


Secure Baking Operation

Our baking operation utilizes multiple Ledger Nano S hardware wallets(ensuring no double-bakes occur) along with multiple operational nodes.  We have battery backups and fail-over internet connections to secure the highest up-time possible for our delegators.

Limited Delegation Space

We keep a bond-to-bake ratio of 13% allowing space for 5,100,000 in delegations. Keeping our delegators baking 24/7 is our first and foremost priority. We operate on a first come, first bake basis.

  • Current Bond =   731,372 ꜩ
  • Current Delegations =  3,266,785 ꜩ
  • Current Staking Balance =  4,010,913 ꜩ

Why Choose Us?

Lucid Mining is a full-time baker located in the United States. Our baking operation is 100% self funded and operated. We have been in the crypto-currency community since 2013 and believe in honesty, transparency and the growth of the Tezos platform.  

We are your trusted U.S. baker!

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