Lucid Mining Baking Address: tz1VmiY38m3y95HqQLjMwqnMS7sdMfGomzKi

(January 07, 2020) ATTENTION DELEGATORS WITH UNDER 500 ꜩ!!!

 We will be implementing a 500 ꜩ  minimum delegation amount starting on cycle 187+.  If you are delegating less than 500 ꜩ  please add to your account or re-delegate.  Delegators with a balance under 500 ꜩ  will not receive rewards starting on cycle 187.

Lucid Mining Baking Address:


Secure Baking Operation

Our baking operation utilizes multiple Ledger Nano S hardware wallets(ensuring no double-bakes occur) along with multiple operational nodes.  We have battery backups and fail-over internet connections to secure the highest up-time possible for our delegators.

Limited Delegation Space

We keep a bond-to-bake ratio of 13% allowing space for 5,600,000 ꜩ in delegations. Keeping our delegators baking 24/7 is our first and foremost priority. We operate on a first come, first bake basis.

  • Bond =   684,127 ꜩ
  • Delegations =  4,875,469 ꜩ
  • Available Delegation Space = 600,000 ꜩ

Why Choose Us?

Lucid Mining is a full-time baker located in the United States. Our baking operation is 100% self funded and operated. We have been in the crypto-currency community since 2013 and believe in honesty, transparency and the growth of the Tezos platform.  

We are your trusted U.S. baker!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, contact us at our Email or Telegram links below.


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